30% of our revenue is donated in societal and environmental welfare projects in Pakistan.

With the help of your purchases, we are able to fund projects and organizations that are in need of money. We use significant part of our revenue to achieve this feat. This means our ability to fund the external welfare initiative grows as Clothes Haven grows, and we can only grow if you support us at each step of our journey.

Paradise Project

For every shirt purchase, you help grow a tree.

The Paradise Project provides you with a chance to contribute in improving environmental sustainability in Pakistan. For every product you purchase from us, we will send out free seeds to you that you can plant in your backyard.

Our end goal at Paradise Project is to bring a planting scheme to your home. We eventually aim to deliver trees that could be planted in your garden or neighborhood – a great way to encourage biodiversity and green areas. This is where we aim to reinvest our revenue.

We as a brand emphasizes that our lifestyles should be in line with the life of other awesome organisms on this planet, like trees – and we want to show how important they are to us, and how important they are for clean Pakistan.

Trees are an integral part of the environment, a part sorely missing in mega cities such as Karachi. Trees have a cooling effect as they transpire water from the ground, through the roots and out from their leaves. In addition, trees provide shade. For those who experience Karachi heat on the streets and have compared the temperature in shade and in open air know the difference. Since Karachi is one of those cities that has been affected by urban deforestation, we plan on starting our project from there.


Karachi is one of those cities in Pakistan that lack ownership. We are aware that the stakeholders of Karachi try their best in managing the city, however, analyzing the current state the city is in, we believe they would require every help they can get. Mismanagement in Karachi is real, and it’s also hard to manage a mega-city with a population of more than 19 million. We thought it is our responsibility as the citizens of Pakistan to take charge of the well being of the city. It is for this very reason we started “Paradise Project” to regain control of the deteriorating conditions the city is going through.

We are willing to collaborate with different NGOs who are already doing an awesome job in bringing in a sustainable ecosystem in Karachi, and Pakistan in general. We are willing to donate all the seedlings we purchase as a result of community purchasing our shirts to those NGOs. We encourage people to get in touch with us and together we could achieve something greater.

Why Karachi? We decided to start the project from Karachi because Clothes Haven has an emotional attachment to this city since it is where the brand was born. We also have plans to expand to other cities in Pakistan in future, however, a step at a time.

Get Free Seeds On Every Purchase.


seeds distributed so far...

Plant the seeds in your backyard to make Pakistan a better place.


Clothes Haven donated 200 seedlings to students of Szabist University for vertical gardening as part of our Paradise Project.

Clothes Haven partners with Airlift

Clothes Haven and Airlift partner to help the people in need of assistance in times of COVID-19 crisis. Airlift has launched a relief fund were donations were collected, and aid was provided to needy through Justujoo and Hope.

Clothes Haven partners with Karachi Down Syndrome Program (KDSP)

Clothes Haven partners with KDSP in the donation campaign to raise funds for KDSP. The week long campaign was aimed to donate all the proceeds generated to KDSP.

Tread with style and have a good conscience.

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